The wisdom of selling your old DVDs for cash

Sometimes it’s handy to have a bit of extra money, whether it’s to pay for unexpected bills, or simply to give yourself a treat.

Unfortunately, raising the cash isn’t easy, unless you have the option to work overtime in your job, or take on extra hours. But what if there were a way to get some additional funds without having to lift a finger?

There is a surprisingly easy solution.

Selling your DVDs online is a very simple way of getting some money when Marketplace you need it, without having to flog yourself working long hours every day. With DVD recycling sites now offering extremely competitive prices in return for your discs, it’s never been easier to sell online.

If you aren’t sure whether selling your old DVDs for cash is a good idea, here are a few things to consider.

Room to move

DVDs are certainly much slimmer than their predecessors, video tapes, but the boxes are still fairly bulky and put together in a collection can take up a reasonable amount of space.

That storage unit that houses your vast collection of DVDs: could you find a better use for it? The chances are that you’re desperate for some extra storage room in your house and the space that your DVDs take up could be put too much better use.

Selling your DVD collection could give you room to move

All too often DVDs sit in bulky units in the corner of the room, and don’t add any value to the decor. Why not make some extra space in your house by selling your old DVDs for cash?

Do you watch them?

The idea of selling your DVDs might fill you with horror, but ask yourself: when did you last sit down and watch them?

You may well have a select few DVDs that you want to keep because they are particularly special, but most films that you own you’ll probably never watch again. Not unless they are being shown on TV…

The truth is that there are so many ways in which to watch films nowadays, such as subscription packages or direct streaming from the internet. The technological capabilities are constantly evolving and improving and most people choose these options rather than turning to their DVD collection.

There’s little point hoarding DVDs which you won’t watch again. By trading those in you can get some cash in return, finally making some use out of your collection.


If you have box sets or collections that are firm favourites, you may kick yourself if you see a new and improved version being released.

It’s difficult to justify splashing out on another box set when you already own one, but if there’s extra footage, or the quality is infinitely better, you may be sorely tempted to treat yourself.

If you sell your existing collection online first, you’ll not only have a good reason to be able to buy the updated version, you’ll also have some money to put towards the cost. Win-win…

To create a more meaningful collection

No-one is suggesting that you should get rid of every DVD in the house, but most people would agree that it would be helpful to have a DVD collection where every disc has a reason to belong.

DVDs are reasonably cheap to purchase and are also often given as gifts, and it’s because of this that it’s easy to quickly accumulate a large amount of discs. Some of the films you may have never seen – and have no intention of watching – because they’re an unwanted present. Perhaps you split up with an ex-partner and they left behind some DVDs which you’ve never really liked. Or maybe you have some films that you’ve simply grown out of and no longer enjoy.

There’s lots of reasons why your DVD collection may be a bit flabby; getting rid of the discs which don’t offer any real value will bring you some extra income as well as helping to trim your library down to those DVDs which you really want to keep.


There are lots of reasons to sell old DVDs but hopefully the above suggestions will have sparked your enthusiasm to sort out your own collection. Selling old DVDs online is simple, quick and easy and could earn you a tidy profit.