Online Tools to Check Website Worth

A website speaks volumes about the business as it shows how much effort is put behind the brand. However not every company values its website and most of them neglect this very Vortex efficient marketing tool. In times like today, the worth of your website determines how serious the company is about the brand and its products.

There are a number of reason why webmasters should measure the worth of their website. While the basic reason is to know the amount of traffic that comes to the website, others may want to learn the true value of the website to judge their investment while some may require valuation in order to sell the domain. A number of factors determine the site’s worth such as page views, user sessions, sales and e-commerce and also sales leads and lastly website authority- which relates to the page rank. There are many other factors that contribute to the site’s value such as advertisements (Google AdSense, affiliates etc), merchandise subscription etc. All these factors help to derive a site’s actual worth.

In order to find out the true value for your site and check website value currently, you can either choose to go the traditional way or make use of the numerous online tools available for free. There are many websites online which help you to value your website by simply entering the URL of your website. is the leading website evaluation online tool. Within minutes it will display the result stating the actual value of your website including other important statistics such as Alexa Rank, site age etc. It is the unique algorithm of the website which helps it to calculate and state the sites worth.

These online tools are fairly accurate and give a good idea about the worth of the site. Not just site owners, this estimate helps advertisers to determine how much ad space should be dedicated to the website looking at the count of daily visitors. Similarly for someone who wishes to buy the website or the domain, then these online tools can give a good overview of the sites worth. This way you won’t be cheated and you won’t have to pay extra. In case you simply want to compare with your rivals, this site will aid you in doing so. You can use this tool to keep a tab on the value of your rival’s website and determine what changes are required in your own website.

There are a number of websites online which offer site valuation services, however, not all of them are accurate. The value estimated by most of them is skewed and are not accurate. Therefore, if you are using an online tool to determine the value of your website, make sure that the tool is authentic and that they offer closest estimation. You don’t want to depend on wrong estimates while taking important decisions. It is therefore advisable to first do thorough homework before placing your trust in any of the online tools.