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Les Stéroïdes Dans le Sport : Mythes et Réalité

Le marché de la pharmacologie est très mature et il existe de nombreux produits disponibles pour traiter les maladies et soutenir l’organisme. Nous vous offrons steroide musculation achat sur le site du Fournisseur officiel au meilleur prix.De nombreux médicaments ont une histoire de création et d’utilisation. Au milieu du XXe siècle, une large gamme de stéroïdes, […]

Understanding the Elliot Wave Theory in Trading

The founder, Ralph Nelson Elliott, developed it in the 1930s. Elliott argued that stock markets, long considered chaotic and random, behaved in repetitive patterns. The best traders, like Saxo Broker, learn the science of trading before they get into business. Curious about the Elliott Wave Theory? Read on. What is the Elliot Wave Theory? It […]

How to create the correct trigger instead of insert or update? ORACLE. Trigger. pl/sql

The tables look like this. CREATE TABLE Users(id_user INTEGER GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY(START with 1 INCREMENT by 1 NOCACHE) PRIMARY KEY, surname VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL, name VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL, patronymic VARCHAR2(30) NULL, tel_no VARCHAR2(17) NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT ch_telno_users CHECK(REGEXP_LIKE(tel_no, ‘^\+375\(\d{2}\)\d{3}-\d{2}-\d{2}$’)), CONSTRAINT uni_telno_users UNIQUE(tel_no) ); CREATE TABLE Software(id_sw INTEGER GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY(START with 1 INCREMENT […]

Why Should Your Business Have a Website?

Some business owners don’t have a website as they think they don’t need one. They will give excuses such as “I am not good with technology”, “building a website is expensive” or “I don’t have time for that”. However, all of these excuses cannot be further from the truth. 81% of people search for a […]

How Cryptocurrencies Can Help Global Economy, Lead to World Peace and Build a Better Future

  The defining technology of this decade is, undoubtedly, blockchain technology. The highly dynamic and decentralized technology is the force behind cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the modern currency that has shaken the financial world. It also has the potential to change the face of the local economy and lead to a better future. There are many […]

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