Z & I Series Gaming Table with Touch Screen Computer

Z & I Series Gaming Table with Touch Screen Computer

The age old concept of the use of furniture has changed with the passage of time. Today’s furniture includes both elegance and functionality. Similar to various types of furniture, the I Series Gaming Table is known to be one of the most essential furnishings required in homes and offices. It is available in a wide array of styles, designs, colors and materials. The table is ideal as it utilizes the limited amount of space to store the keyboard, printer, CPU and various other items such as calendars, files, pen stands and so forth.

Different Types Of I Series Gaming Tables:

Adjustable: These tables are considerably smaller in size and it is mainly designed for laptop users as it can be adjusted according to the convenience of the users. The heights of these tables can be adjusted accordingly which is one of the advantages of using these tables.

Ergonomic: This is one of the most sturdy and strong tables which can hold desktop computers and all its accessories. It is available in a wide range of varieties which include different styles, materials and colors. It is included with height adjustable option for the comfort and convenience of the user. As there are no wheels for these types of tables, it is quite difficult to move them around.

Split Top: This specific type of table is portable as it includes wheels. The split top table is mainly designed for people who use computers for leisure. It includes ample space for storing the keyboard, computer, monitor, mouse and so forth. As the height of these tables can be adjusted according to the comfort of the user, it can be used in different rooms conveniently.

Apart from these varieties, there are utility tables which include a large amount of space for storage purposes. This type of furniture is ideal for people who use desk top computers. It includes wheels which makes it quite portable too.

Z Series Gaming Table with Computer Touch Screen:

Z Series Gaming Table is another elegant type of furniture which is widely used in homes, offices and commercial spaces. It is functional and adds to the decor of the room in various ways. Today Z Series Gaming Tables are available in unimaginable varieties. With the amazing incorporation of technology, the Z Series Gaming Table is integrated with a functional computer which includes a touch screen.

This exemplary and unique product of technology is built on a wooden table with an anti-glare LCD screen. It can be used to view large maps and photos comfortably. It is quite similar to a tablet computer. The table includes a tempered glass surface which can hold books, remote controls, dishes and so forth. The computer includes six touch points which can facilitate easy navigation. It also includes water proof features which make it safe for everyday usage.

The tablet includes a 6GB memory, Bluetooth, WiFi, 500 GB hard drive, wireless keyboard and mouse. It also includes four USB ports such as microphone ports, DVI and audio-out. This Window 8 computer Z Series Gaming Table is among the latest gadgets which is gaining popularity.