Why Should Your Business Have a Website?

Why Should Your Business Have a Website?

Some business owners don’t have a website as they think they don’t need one. They will give excuses such as “I am not good with technology”, “building a website is expensive” or “I don’t have time for that”.

However, all of these excuses cannot be further from the truth.

81% of people search for a business online before making a purchase decision. So, if you still think that your business doesn’t need a website, just think of a bucketload of opportunities you’re missing out on.

If you sell shoes or glasses frames in the UK, having an online presence can make customers more aware of your business presence. Your business can reach more prospects, do more sales and generate more revenue.

If you still think that your business doesn’t need a website, read below to know what an online presence can do for your business.

A Website Will Attract New Customers

Customers like to look up a business on the internet before they decide to buy from it. Thus, if you don’t have a website, you can’t tap into this opportunity.

Also, your business won’t be open 24×7 but your website is. Thus, the customers can make purchases even late at night or have a look at your services even when your store is closed.

People are buying everything online these days from groceries to electronics to accessories such as women’s or men’s glasses. They find online shopping so much more convenient and affordable.

A Website Gives You Credibility

Customers are sceptical these days. They won’t trust your products or services if they don’t hear good reviews from customers.

On your website, you can show positive testimonials from your previous customers or clients to give credibility to your business.

A website can be a platform for you to showcase your skills and industry expertise. A well-built website with a good user interface creates a strong impression on the users.

It Can Get More Eyeballs on Your Business

If you run a store, the only people who’ll know about you are the ones who live in your area.

While it’s true that the competition online is intense (cut-throat to be honest), if you can optimise your website as per both Google and users, you’ll increase your chances of bringing traffic to your business.

For instance, if you sell eyeglasses, then your website might show up on the first page of Google if someone searches for ‘buy glasses online in the UK’. And if the customer lands on your website and likes what they see, they might buy from you. But, for this to happen, you first need to have a website.

Having a Website is Not Expensive

So many business owners shy away from building a website as they think it’s a lot of money. And the money you spend on building and then optimising your website will only help towards building brand awareness and attracting more customers.

So, it’s more of an investment rather than an expense.

A Website Is An Outlet for Your Brand’s Voice

When you open a business, something must have inspired you to do it. You must have a story to share with the world.

Your website is a platform to share your story and control what is being put out there about your brand. You are in control of your message and shape people’s perception of you. And with your message, you can attract the type of customers you want for your business.

While individuals may not need a website, if you’re a business, there’s just so much you can achieve with a great website.