Sudden Loss Of Mobility In Elderly Parents

Sudden Loss Of Mobility In Elderly Parents

Every individual should be aware of the physical changes that occur in their parents as they get older. As a caregiver, there are many things you can do to ensure that your elderly parent remains safe, mobile, and independent. After all, who knows how likely it is that their parents will regain their independence in the future? However, a high-performance power scooter or an easy-to-use power wheelchair might be the ideal answer to this problem.

Symptoms Of Aging Mobility Loss

The following are three physical signs that you may be experiencing mobility loss that you should be aware of. Any one of the indicators listed below might indicate that your parents need personal mobility assistance. This, however, is dependent on a variety of other physical and health-related factors.

  • Bruising – Individuals should be cautious when they see unexplainable bruises for the first time. Individuals should be aware that several commonly medical prescriptions induces rapid bruising in certain cases. For example, the blood thinner Coumadin. Additionally, black and blue streaks on your parent’s skin might be the consequence of your parent slamming into furniture or, worse still, falling.
  • Stumbling — How your parents walk, clinically categorized as gait, is a major predictor of their ability to move about safely and independently. As a result, you must act immediately if you see that they are walking slower than usual. Also, if they walk with their feet dragging, shuffling, stumbling, and/or losing their balance, you require to intervene immediately.
  • Difficulty Getting Up and Walking – Muscle weakness is a strong predictor of future mobility loss.  This is according to the findings of geriatric research studies. It may be very difficult to climb a minimum of 10 stairs due to muscular weakness, and it may take longer than 15 seconds to get out of a sitting position due to muscle weakness. As a result, falls and injuries are more likely to occur in someone dealing with these problems.

What Can Caregivers Do About Parental Mobility Loss 

Investing in a power wheelchair can help you gain mobility after an injury or illness and during the aging process. When you see that your parent exhibits all or any combination of the physical symptoms of mobility loss listed above, one of the first things you should propose is that they have a full medical evaluation. If your parents’ medical assessment test findings indicate that they need some kind of mobility assistance, you should consider purchasing them a mobility scooter or a power chair. It is important to remember that you need to provide them with a power chair that;

  • Will allow them to maintain their mobility,
  • And also providing them with safety.

In addition, you need to consult with a physician, physical therapist, or any other professionally certified mobility specialist. This is to help you on the best approach to determine whether and what kind of power mobility equipment is suitable for the person’s requirements is very important.

In addition, the insurer determines the insurance coverage based on the insurer’s assessment of medical necessity. They may also require a legitimate prescription from a doctor.