Myclimbinggear – How To Buy The Perfect Climbing Harness?

Myclimbinggear – How To Buy The Perfect Climbing Harness?

How to Buy the Perfect Climbing Harness?

Climbing is a great adventure activity that can make you feel great. If you are planning to go climbing, it is very important that you have all the climbing gear needed. Safety is paramount, and to ensure you are safe while climbing, you need the best quality climbing harness. A question that comes up is – how do you choose the best harness? How do you know the harness you are buying is the best? This guide presents the answers to your questions.

1. Choose the Perfect Fit

When you buy a climbing harness, you need to get one that fits you perfectly. The fit must be snug and not tight. Once you buckle in the straps, there must be at least five fingers-width tail left on the belt. This is very important as it ensures safety. The leg loop must fit snugly, and there must be space to insert your hand between the loop and your leg.

2. Select The Right Size

The size of the climbing harness  that you buy must be suitable to your body size. Sizes can be from XS to XXL. Make sure that you buy the size that fits you. Take a trial before deciding.

3. Choose The Right Type

You need to be aware of the different types of climbing harnesses before purchasing. The types include:

  1. Sport harnesses: These are good for outdoor sports use or in the gym. This a minimal climbing gear that is suitable for those who want an ultra-light harness.
  2. Trad harnesses: It has more gear as compared to sport harnesses. It is light and comfortable but has more features like more gear loops with thick padding.
  3. Iced harnesses: This is just like a trad harness but meant for use in winter conditions.
  4. Alpine harnesses: These harnesses are suitable for mountaineering. They are lighter and have space for a second rope. The material is thin and can be worn with a backpack.
  5. Specialised harnesses: These are meant for specific uses like use in competitions, canyoneering, and climbing big walls.

4. Separate Harnesses Are Available For Women

Women can get a separate harness. It suits a woman’s body making it more comfortable to wear than the regular harness. The waist belt would be specially shaped. The rise would be higher. The leg-to-waist ratio would be lesser than the regular harness.

5. Buy From A Reputed Source

When you buy climbing gear, get it from a reputed source. This ensures you will get the best quality harness at the best possible price.