Know Your Ceo; The Qualities Of The Ceo From Each Zodiac

It becomes very important that your CEO brings in the good will of the company. They must be charismatic, elegant and very much active and witty in the interests of the company. Remember, Anne Hathaway in The Intern? Yeah pretty much it. But after all it’s a move and the reality sinks in much before it reaches the spot. Therefore let us see how the CEOs of each of the zodiac come off as in the work arena.


Well if your CEO is an Aries, know that he is kind of a dynamic personality, knows the business to the core and has amazing sales worthy mindset. They are clear with their demands and are have a straight forward thinking. They give their commitment and expect the same from their employees. Only, they get a little stressed out and hyperventilating when they don’t see the numbers turning in.

ZODIAC CEO – Mukhesh Ambani, the managing director and co owner of Reliance Corporation.


The Taurus CEO is going to be boss. What is a CEO is he/she can’t be a boss ass? They are very careful while taking risks and are pretty attentive to the intricacies of the company. They give enough airs to each of the department so that they can work on their own. But once they have made up their mind, they are pretty inflexible.

ZODIAC CEO – Mark Zuckerberg, owner, founder of Facebook Media


The Gemini CEO is the most rational Thinker amongst all other zodiacs. They are communicative, cheerful and maintain an amiable ambience in the office. They make work interesting and will be flushing with ideas. Although they might seem distracted a bit and they have problems with execution. And they also don’t have the natural flair to be leaders.

ZODIAC CEO – David Thomson, owner and largest stakeholder of Thomson Reuters


The Cancer CEO is going to make you work on your toes and is very expectant of his employees. They are very particular with how things are to be done and know his dealings very well. They are keen observant. And they want no trouble at work. They are also emotionally sensitive and will pretty much empathise with your problems too. They want their employees to be anticipatory.

ZODIAC CEO – Elon Musk, founder and owner of SpaceX, side running Elon Musk Smells


Leos are born leaders, and are always ready to assume the top tier whenever they get the opportunity. They are well in command and are great at leading the crowd to a particular direction. But the worst part, they are very hungry for power. They can’t beat their ego at any cost. They are analytical and know the numbers very well. They take pride in the work they do and they are also very much proud of their employees.

ZODIAC CEO – Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman and Chief Technological Officer of Oracle Corporation


The Virgo CEO is the most perfectionist and the most profitable person in the business. They have a check upon every single thing from products to profits. They are pragmatic and will always come upon realistic expectations and goals. They make sure for achievable targets. But when they actually get to being the CEO, they see neither friend, nor foe. Kingship sees no heredity, just like them.

ZODIAC CEO – Warren Buffet, owner of Berkshire Hathaway


The Libra CEO is typically the darling of the company. He is someone liked by everyone for his charisma and his amiable qualities. They have this compelling urge to be liked by their employees. They are artistic and have a lot of ideas. They always remain a few steps ahead than expected. Sometimes they may come off as needy for attention, and likeability. They get easily manipulated though.

ZODIAC CEO – Ralph Lauren, owner of Ralph Lauren Clothing Line


The Scorpio CEO is a hard working person with unshakeable devotion towards his work. They are very much emotionally invested in their work, that they remain cut off from most of their personal life. They treat their work as their child and hence they are very protective of them. They are dominant and powerful. They are going to keep you on your toes. They are always cloudy regarding their failures.

ZODIAC CEO – Bill Gates, owner and founder of Microsoft Corporation


The Sagittarius CEO is a very out smart, quick witted and very responsive person. They are very independent in their work and hardly take any suggestions. Although they might be completely amazing in their work, they are pretty much inflexible and sometimes unclear. They may take you by surprise with their plans, and will want you on board nonetheless. They are impulsive and sometimes harsh upon their employees.

ZODIAC CEO – Simon Reuben, owner and Chief Operating Officer of Global Switch


The Capricorn CEO is a very confident person, with amazing leader like skills and intellectual build up. They have an amazing determination towards their work and hence they see through the completion of their projects, making sure they rake in the numbers. They might come off as stubborn and will stick to their side of things. They don’t want their employees to outsmart themselves and hence remain a step forward always.

ZODIAC CEO – Vladimir Potanin, owner at Interros


The Aquarius CEO is a pretty open minded person, and is finely acceptable of everything and everyone. They are not much the leader material; they may come off as the general employees. They don’t have a steady influx of profits though, but they always make sure of the interest of the company. They are the CEOs that most employees would probably like in the beginning but would remain uninterested later on.

ZODIAC CEO – Michael Bloomberg, founder and owner of Bloomberg Corporation.


The Pisces CEO have a history of building very strong and influential conglomerates and sure know how to count in the numbers. They are very responsive with the profits of their company and are visionary in this regard. They have great ideas regarding the interest of the company. They are adaptable and amiable, making sure a chilled out atmosphere prevails. Sometimes they get too oversensitive and hence might get manipulated too in this regard. It is very easy to get along with them.

ZODIAC CEO – Michael Dell, owner and founder of Dell Technologies