How To Make Your Event Fun And Engaging

How To Make Your Event Fun And Engaging

Conferences and conventions are a major part of any organization that relies on consumer engagement. However, brand promotions and marketing can be boring especially when they are one-sided affairs. Additionally, boring conferences hamper your chances of acquiring a new audience. Therefore, it is crucial that you allow your audience to feel more connected with the brand and the product. For this reason, you have to ensure that your events are not boring and are a mere presentation of facts.

You must find ways to interact more with the attendees, get their feedback and speak with a relatable undertone. You can engage technology to achieve this engagement. Audience engagement tools bring you closer to your attendees and help with active interaction. In today’s time and day, it is only wise to deploy technology in all operations to achieve maximum output. In this article, we will talk about some ways in which you can make your event fun and engaging.

Take Note Of The Goal Of The Event

Most companies spend big bucks to book fancy locations with a view to earning the applause of their audience. We have to understand that luxury hotels do not guarantee active audience engagement.

You have to focus on the activities you plan to make your audience aware of the topic or product at hand. Additionally, you must also be mindful of the content you hand over to your attendees. Ensure that the activities you plan are centered around branding, engagement, and fun. Once you have established a focused plan of action, move on to travel, lodging, and food.

Bring Compelling Speakers To Your Event

When people attend your event to learn more about the brand, goals, and objectives, they expect to be educated and entertained at the same time. No one wants to learn too much technical information. Therefore, bring speakers who have ample experience in crowd speaking and who are popular in the circuit.

You may also consider someone who adds an element of humor to their content. If you are hosting the event online, don’t forget to use audience engagement tools. These tools will allow the attendees to ask live questions during the presentation, which will ensure better engagement. These questions will give you an insight into the audience’s mindset and help you make adjustments to future sessions.

Build a Buzz

To ensure sufficient attendance, market your upcoming first. Do not give away too much information. Also, you must start creating this buzz way in advance because you want to have a better reach. You cannot send out invitations 15 days before the event and expect a huge turnout.

Use social media and other such platforms to create suspense in the minds of the target audience. Make multi-part teasers and release them at regular intervals. Reveal a brand new detail about the event in every teaser. This will make people inquisitive and make them eager to learn more about what’s in the store. Building a buzz will instill a sense of excitement in your audience and help them prepare for the event.


Brand building and marketing operations have assumed a completely new meaning in this day and age. Therefore, it is crucial to adapt yourself according to the technology and new-gen consumers. For this reason, you can visit Votemo, and explore their services on audience engagement and tracking.