How To Get The Best Results Out Of Leaflet Marketing

While leaflet marketing can be very effective, it should never be seen as a Holy Grail. Small businesses with small budgets find it to be very cost effective, as it allows them to speak to their potential clients directly, without relying on traditional campaigns.

So how does a business get the best possible results out of leaflet marketing? Read on to learn more.

Having a True Understanding Of Your Target Audience

Unless you know who your target audience is and have a firm understanding of their age, ethnicity and social habits, it will be difficult to reach them with a leaflet marketing campaign. Knowing where they tend to socialise, shop, work and live is crucial. It is also important for a business to know what they are reading, watching on television and listening to.

The more information a business has at their disposal, the more they can concentrate their distribution efforts. This keeps a business from printing out an abundance of leaflets that are distributed with few results.

Providing Material That Is Easy To Read

This is especially useful advice for businesses that plan of distributing their leaflets in public places. The smaller a leaflet is, the better the chances of a potential client actually taking the time to read it. Handing out a large leaflet implies that there is a great deal of reading to be done, which serves as a major turn off.

The best size for a leaflet? A credit card sized pamphlet that fits easily into the consumer’s wallet and/or pocket. The thicker the leaflet, the lesser the chance that a person will take the time to absorb the information within.

Sponsor Local Events

Whether it is a local fete, a fundraising ball, music concert, charity event, football tournament or school production, there are a variety of local events that can be sponsored by your business. This gives you a chance to distribute your leaflets to a captive audience and increases the chances of having them read.

You can either set up a display table that allows audience members to decide whether they wish to read your leaflets or distribute them to the crowd by hand. Businesses can also pass out leaflets at local trade and exhibition shows, which often allow local companies to display their goods and services.

Ask About Leaflet Dispensers

Shops, businesses and establishments in the United Kingdom will typically provide areas where a leaflet dispenser can be erected. Do not erect a dispenser without speaking to the owner of the establishment in question first. There are also permanent leaflet dispensers that are available to your business.

To increase brand awareness, businesses will often design their own leaflet dispenser. If you choose this method, then be sure to keep your dispenser well stocked with leaflets at all times.

Timing Is Everything

Printing the best leaflets means very little if a business does not have the proper leaflet marketing plan. Consider the circumstances before distributing leaflets, so that you can take the proper steps towards placing them in the hands of the consumer. If you’re advertising an event that is about to take place, start your promotion early, with an increased emphasis on the lead up week.

Maybe you’re opening a new day care centre. This would require leaflet distribution to take place in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the new school term. Consider the specific needs of the business or industry and identify the best times to launch a leaflet marketing campaign.