How to fix SD Card Damage?

How to fix SD Card Damage?

SD card is one of the most popular choices among users when it comes to the phone storage device. In digital cameras and Android phones, it is still in use. Sometimes the SD card damage creates the problem. At that moment, users look forward to the methods through which they can fix it. If the same has happened with you and you wish to fix it out here, we are presenting the solutions for you.There will be no need for you to feel like all your data has been lost because the solutions are worth to try. But before you move to the solutions, let’s discuss the reasons that contribute to the damage of the SD card.

Reasons for SD Card Damage:

  • Some virus may have occupied the space
  • Improper ejection may lead to damage
  • Using the memory card on multiple devices again and again
  • A user had removed the micro SD card from the device when they were transferring the files
  • There is any physical damage to the SD card

These are the basic reasons that may lead to it. Whether you have put it in your camera or smartphone, in case it got damaged, the data might get lost. We suggest you keep a backup as well so that the same problem will not arise at all.

How to Repair the Format Corrupted SD Card?

If the SD card is corrupted, we suggest you follow the steps:-

  • At the very first, turn off your device.
  • Take out the SD card.
  • Insert it again and turn it on.

If this worked out, do not forget to copy the data on another device at all.

How to fix the SD Card Damaged and Recover Data from it?

If after rebooting your device you are still not able to use it, then consider the methods we are providing below:-

Connect the SD Card to the Computer:

Take out the card and connect it to your computer. Check out whether the damage still persists or not. Sometimes compatibility issues arise that prevent the devices to identify the SD card. Connect it to the computer with the help of a card reader and check out. In case you don’t have a computer system, you can connect it with another Smartphone and camera as well.

Use of Command Prompt to fix SD Card Damage:-

  • Take out your SD card and connect it to your computer.
  • Move to the “my computer or this PC” option on the desktop.
  • Have a look at the devices and drives section and find out the SD card.
  • Note its drive letter.
  • Now run the command prompt and type “chkdsk h:/r” his the drive letter.

The command prompt will scan the SD card completely and check out for all the issues and repairs. When the scanning procedure gets completed, connect the memory card to check out whether it is damaged or not. In case the issue has not been resolved, we suggest you reformat it.

Assign a new Drive Letter:

Assigning a new drive letter will also help you out. For the same, you need to follow the steps:-

  • Open the disk management.
  • Locate the SD card.
  • Right-click on it.
  • An option “change drive letter and paths” is there. Click on it.
  • Make the changes and apply them.
  • Restart the system and connect the SD card again.

Disable the SD Card:

How to fix SD Card Damage?

Disabling the SD card will also be beneficial in certain cases. For the same:-

  • You just need to move to the device manager and right-click on the SD card.
  • Disable option is there click on it.
  • Let it be in a disabling state for a few minutes, and after it, click on enable.
  • The changes take effect, and you need to restart the computer.

Wrapping it up:

When there is SD card damage, a user can consider the above-mentioned solutions. If you don’t wish to engage in such hassle, you can try data recovery software for SD card recovery as well. We suggest you stick to on the method till the last because in case you left it in between, there might be a chance you will not be able to get the data.