How Cloud Telephony Could Make Your Business Trips Even Better!

The field of business travel has been revolutionized with the invention of the internet. Today’s business executive is always on the move. Hence, they want to stay connected to all their applications while on the move. This helps enhance their productivity and grow the business as a result. That is where cloud telephony comes in. Here is how cloud telephony can make your business trips even better.

Cloud telephony gives you easier and safer access to essential data you need while on the move. A simple internet connection is only what you need to stay connected to all your devices such as smartphones, mobiles, and desktops with cloud telephony.

Today, a telephone connection is essential for one’s personal and professional needs. Cloud telephony comes as a luxury to business executives who travel a lot. It has some of the most advanced features in the industry to guarantee excellent voice quality at all times. In fact, frequent flyers are struggling with ever-rising airfares, and phone bills would only add to this misery. That is where cloud telephony comes in handy. It is a life saver for a frequent traveller. Here is why a frequent traveller should opt for cloud telephony.

  1. Manage A Host of Number With One Connection

The majority of business executives have at least three telephone connections such as their mobile, office extension, and home phone. All these connections serve an essential purpose in their lives. Carrying your office extension and home phone is not a viable option when you fly. You may carry only your mobile phone when flying. A cloud connection will help you direct all the incoming calls to your home and office phone to the mobile phone. That way you will not miss any call that comes your way. In fact, you have to deal only with one phone number under such circumstances. You can even get calls from different branches to the same number. It facilitates your communication needs while you are on the move.

  1. Don’t Worry About Operator Rules

Different network operators have numerous rules for using their services in different countries. Some may offer high-end price variations that can increase your phone bill. Some may have network restrictions that elude you from using their service in a foreign land. Most travellers find it difficult to deal with such rules when they are on the move. Things can become even worse when you travel to a destination that is unknown to you. Cloud telephony has a simple rule – you only need an internet connection and a softphone to use the service.

  1. It Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

A traditional phone will give the traveller heart attacks with high phone bills during roaming sessions. Cloud hosted telephony doesn’t care whether you sit in your office desk or enjoy a holiday in the Bahamas. It doesn’t have any roaming charges or additional charges like traditional phones. In fact, the call to any extension on the network is always free. That is why you need to opt for cloud telephony without further delay.

  1. A Fax Machine In Your Pocket

A fax machine is very important for almost all businesses across the globe. But when you are on the move, the fax machine becomes out of reach. It can result in certain delays or losses in business opportunities for your company. That is where cloud telephony comes in handy.

Cloud telephony comes with an important feature known as “Internet Fax.” It configures all your faxes to reach the email inbox as a PDF file. In fact, you can easily access these faxes from your laptops or smartphones while on the move.

  1. Instant Reports and Recording Facilities

When you are travelling, you cannot take down notes if a business partner or customer shares any vital detail with you. That is where cloud telephony comes in handy. All your calls are safely recorded in the device. Monitoring these calls are very easy.

All the calls made via the VoIP network could be easily downloaded as a report. This will help you analyze the performance of different employees working in your company. This feature could be used without any geographical restrictions – meaning you can use the feature even while you are travelling.

In conclusion, cloud telephony comes with all the common features such as call transfer, call forwarding, and call conferencing. But some VoIP services may not offer all the features mentioned above. Even then, cloud telephony can beat the traditional phone service by a great margin. There are numerous benefits to your business of shifting to cloud telephony. But convenience and cost-efficiency are the most important advantages of moving to a cloud telephony system. It can help your business grow in the long run.