Best Visual Task Manager Tips You Will Read This Year

Best Visual Task Manager Tips You Will Read This Year

Irrespective of your position in your company, it is always to keep an eye on your employees, especially your team. Everything comes under the priority list; however, at times, we all miss out on the important things for getting things done. As a visual task manager, you must follow certain tips to get projects done on time. Here are some of the essential tips.

Know the capacity before accepting the project

Managing task visually is although easy but at the same time is quite challenging as well. Whether you are having a small agency or even a software team, with new projects, you can effectively grow your business. On top of that, letting go of new tasks can be a significant loss for businesses. But, when your team is already struggling with the preexisting projects, things can get quite hectic.

Due to this reason, it is a good idea to opt for a visual task manager since you will be able to keep a track of the tasks that need to be finished before taking up anything new. Moreover, it is tough to keep every small detail in mind. Visual task managers can make things easy with spreadsheets as well as capacity planning tools. Besides, you will get notifications on the daily task.

Set clear expectations early

When handling different tasks, setting expectations is always vital, whether it is small or large. However, the problem is small teams always tend to ignore it. They always promise to meet the deadlines and ignore the team workload. As a result, the project delivery on time fails and the team is left overworked. 

Therefore, with the workflow software, you can set clear expectations, especially at the initiation phase. All you have to do is focus on defining project goals. With defined goals, you will get clarity on your project. Next is establishing project scope since a documented project scope, you will be able to prioritize the project initiatives. 

Finally, you can add timelines since it is the key to visual representation. More than the spreadsheets, the timelines add more creativity as well as a clear idea of the delivery date of each project.

Make sure to include milestones

Splitting projects into phases and creating delivery milestones helps in handling the projects easily. In this way, you will be able to handle the tasks better. On top of that, you can manage the expectations as well as risks easily. Automatically, the success rate of your project rate will get better.

Hence, it is a good idea to opt for a visual task manager since it will provide your team with something so that you can look forward to it. Most visual task managers come with the benefit of adding task managers. Once you reach them, you will be able to identify the difference.

Prioritize the projects

It is vital to understand that not everything on the to-do list is important and has to be done immediately. There are a few ideas that help in taking your game to the next level. But, it is necessary to establish the things that are necessary at a particular instance. Once you start prioritizing the tasks, you will find out the strengths as well as weaknesses of your projects. Even if you will be able to point out the threats as well as opportunities, you will be able to handle the things using the workflow software.

Try to be flexible

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Holding a stance is no doubt great quality for embodying if you want to reach milestones as well as deadlines. But, many instances, as well as situations, need revisiting the previously made decisions. This happens due to sudden changes, especially in the market trends, or changes in the customer drive.

Failing to meet these factors on time can strip off the potential chances as well as success. Therefore, it is vital to look out for the likely loopholes in case any other opportunity passes by. Try to be more flexible when it comes to deadlines when needed. A visual task manager is one of the necessary things that you need to consider if you are concerned about meeting the project deadlines.

Helps in managing changes

It is always a good idea to accept changes; however, mastering how-to is extremely important. However, it becomes impossible to drive necessary changes for a few tasks. If you accept the changes, it will help your project meet the objectives quickly more than poor change management. Using the workflow software as well as the Scrum methodology, it becomes easy to handle the changes.


Once you help your team to find out the priorities as well as delegate critical tasks, it is better not to leave the arena. Although setting a team as well as scheduling is great for success; however, you have to take the responsibility to be following it up. As a task manager, make sure that you are involved with your assigned task for your team for better results.

Hence, these are some of the best and effective visual task manager tips that you must keep in mind.