5 Functions of a Rostering Software Used By Managers

5 Functions of a Rostering Software Used By Managers

Do your department managers have a tough time completing schedules on time? Is your HR team running behind every scheduling period? There’s a solution. A manual system might have been a suitable solution for writing rosters in the past, but it’s a problematic option in the modern world.

There are a variety of factors to consider when writing an efficient schedule. It isn’t just about the right people in the right place at the right time, you also have to consider budgets, departmental needs, and staff availability. The wrong choice can result in under or overstaffing.

Rostering Software

The solution to your rostering headache is rostering software. What was once a complicated task becomes a simple one using the software. Rostering software is a computer application that allows you to create rosters and schedules. A great software solution will automate much of the process to save your department managers or HR team time, which saves money. It’s easy to set up, and even easier to use. Once you input the basic information, it stores it for use time and time again. Amendments are simple.

1. Identify Current Issues

Rostering software is an excellent way to collect data to identify current issues, whether it’s the number of hours each member of staff is working, a pattern of a particular department falling short of KPIs, or inconsistencies with hours clocked.

2. Set Strategic Goals

Rostering software allows you to assign tasks to each member of the team when they are on shift. When a business sets strategic goals it relies on its team to execute those. That is made simpler and more effective with the help of rostering software. It ensures the goals are the main focus of any working day.

3. Analyse Internal Structure

With everything laid out in front of you on a screen, you can analyse the internal structure of your business, from hierarchy to employee shift spread. It’s an important part of building staff morale because you can ensure there are a fair balance of shifts, and hours, and that the right management team is in place at the right times.

4. Create An Action Plan

With deeper insight into what is going on in the average business day, you can use your rostering software to create an action plan that furthers the business’s mission plan.

5. Implement New Decisions

If you have a multi-department business, you will know how often managers fight for their corners while forgetting that other departments have needs. Rostering software provides you with all the data and analysis you need to support any new decisions you want to implement. There can’t be questions of unfairness when you can highlight why you are making the decisions you are. While no business owner or manager has to justify their decisions, gaining staff buy-in is a major factor in whether those decisions are successful.

If you want to save your time team and make your business as efficient as possible, you need rostering software that handles most of the heavy lifting.