The Top 5 Benefits of S2P Consulting

The Top 5 Benefits of S2P Consulting

A popular and valuable service that is becoming prominent in the business realm is s2p consulting. Source-to-pay, also known as s2p, is a procurement strategy that utilizes technology in order to seek out, compare, and establish high-quality sources for companies to obtain goods and services from. Beyond ordering and paying for items, the source-to-pay process plans, initiates, then follows through with the entire procurement process. Business owners are finding that with the s2p strategy they can save money and valuable resources.

Due to the fact that the entire process can be complicated and daunting, sometimes the best way to achieve an outcome with the highest return is to hire a consultant to lead the way. Some companies frown at the thought of hiring outside help, however, hiring a consultant could actually be the very best thing that could happen for a business.

The benefits of hiring a consultant definitely outweigh the disadvantages of not having a professional to help. Here are some of the top benefits that a company can get by hiring an s2p consultant.

Streamline of the Process

It is no secret that the procurement process can be challenging. With the help of an experienced consultant, the whole process can be picked apart segment by segment and optimized in a way that can streamline the whole process. During the planning phase of the source-to-pay procedure, your consultant can give you a birds’ eye look at how the steps of the process are being facilitated so that you can change or adjust necessary actions within the existing process. Or, change everything and start over from scratch.

Pinpoint Areas That Need Improvement

With the help of a consultant, you will be able to pinpoint problems in the process that could be causing significant revenue loss. Since a consultant will be very familiar with the way that procurement works, they will be able to use their experience to bring problems to the surface, then provide solutions for those problems. In some cases issues that cause money loss go undetected for months or even years before somebody spots them and puts them to a stop.

Heightened Contract Management

In some cases, contracts are the glue that holds great relationships together. At times cross-checking and making sure that both parties are holding up their parts of the bargains can be tedious and painstaking. A consultant can expose issues with contracts and provide solutions that will keep the contracts satisfied until it is time to make new ones.

Discover the Best Sources

One of the most important assets of a business is the sources that it has. Solid, reliable sources are one of the key elements of a successful procurement strategy. With the help of a consultant and super-smart technology, you can seek out the best sources for your business. The technology can find top-notch sources for your company, then compare them to the best of the best. The comparisons will come from data that has been collected over time. These comparisons can give an estimated return from each source and help to determine which sources will most likely provide the highest returns and the best outcomes.

Save Money

The number one benefit that a company can gain from hiring an s2p consultant is to save money.  After the whole process has been broken down, evaluated, optimized, and put into action, the numbers will not lie. Gone will be the days of overspending and loss of valuable resources due to procurement errors.


Of course, if your source-to-pay process is already flawless and is in no need of professional help, you might not need a consultant. However, if you are toying with the idea of hiring one, there must be a reason. It doesn’t hurt to get an outside opinion, so contact an s2p consultant and dare to take a good look at your options.