Proven PPC Strategies for Franchise Businesses

Proven PPC Strategies for Franchise Businesses

For franchise owners, it isn’t uncommon to run into challenges when it comes to advertising efforts – specifically, their PPC or pay-per-click marketing campaigns. After all, it isn’t an easy nut to crack. Not only will you need to address this area of your business on a corporate level, but also locally. It is because of this that many choose to hire specialists like Milwaukee PPC agencies for assistance. However, it is still important to gain an understanding of what this form of marketing entails. In this article, we’ll delve into what it is and a few strategies that should help your franchise business take advantage of its benefits.

What is PPC?

As the name suggests, pay-per-click marketing is an online inbound advertising strategy that is primarily intended to elevate web traffic and boost sales. It generally involves the use of an ad that a business can obtain with a fee and is typically placed at the side or top bar of Google’s search. Its placement is usually determined by the cost and its quality score, which is its relevance to the keyword, landing page, other ads within the same group, and how it performs.

Here are some tried-and-tested PPC strategies for franchise businesses.

Measurable Marketing is all About Pacing Yourself

When it comes to any form of paid advertising, building gradually is usually the best approach because it allows the business to stay on top of the budget increases. And pay-per-click marketing is no exception. Instead of committing a sizable amount of financial resources into your campaign, it is good standard practice to start small and build it in manageable increments. In this way, you and your chosen Milwaukee PPC firm can determine the point where diminishing returns start kicking in quickly and make adjustments before you start spending more than what is needed.

Ask Satisfied Customers Write Reviews

The majority of pay-per-click ads often have star ratings besides the name of the business, making practices in solid reputation management vital. No matter how large your budget for PPC ads is, it won’t have an impact if the feedback isn’t positive. So make sure that you have your most satisfied customers write reviews of their experiences with your brand after a successful sale. It may not seem like a big deal, but it will make a difference in the long-term.

Monitor the Results of your PPC Efforts

It is impossible to know whether or not your marketing campaign is working if you don’t monitor its results. For PPC advertising, establishing a unique contact number or address for the landing page that is shared in the ads is an effective way to check the results. Comparing the monetary value associated with the clicks or call number will allow you to make a budget or ad adjustments that will help you generate better returns on your investment.

Conduct Keyword Research

One of the mistakes that many companies make is sticking with the first list for search phrases or terms they created. With trends always evolving and rapidly changing, this approach can lead to missed opportunities for a business. To enjoy excellent and consistent results for your pay-per-click marketing campaign, you must always conduct keyword research.

Incorporate Pay-Per-Click With your Organic Marketing Campaign

Pay-per-click alone for a franchise business can be advantageous. However, its efficacy can be elevated even further when paired with more organic digital marketing. There are a few things that inspire confidence for users more than to see a high-ranked pay-per-click ad with an equally exceptional organic result associated with the same business.

Optimize your Website

An integral factor in ranking high in search engines is having an optimized website. The better the user experience is with the company’s web pages, the greater the chances of engagement. More importantly, the lower the abandonment rate will be. From the structure and ease of navigation to removing broken links, optimizing a website can pay dividends for a franchise’s PPC marketing efforts.

Leverage ad Extensions and Site Links

The reason why many companies make use of ad extensions and site links is that they enable a brand to make use of extra CTAs or calls-to-action. In doing so, it effectively increases the odds of your marketing campaign’s success while presenting you with the opportunity to compare the approaches used.

Marketing for a franchise business isn’t easy. There are no two ways around it. However, with the proven PPC strategies listed above, you’ll give your brand a better chance of elevating its online visibility and getting the desired ROI without too much hassle.