The Incongruity Police Are Viewing

The dictionary defines congruity as meaning: contract, harmony, or fitness.That definition may also be employed to define the ideal business, just one where all of portions of the business have been in agreement, stability, or fitness. For the reason this perfect business, all issues with this firm fit with each other. Every single part (section / function / activity / etc.. ) must complement the other, and jointly they all operate to build the full total. That means promotion creates the guarantees, and manufacturing / fulfillment keeps those claims, and also the government manages it all. As an example, in the event the advertising section has been designing a promotion, all of things – the material, the paper, logo, the typeface, the appearance, feel, and texture – should be congruent to maximize the power of the message. To illustrate my purpose, an individual could choose unique fonts to market a carnival versus a mortuary.

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