What Are The Pros And Cons Of Selling Your House For Cash

Signs like “We Buy Ugly Homes” or “We Pay Cash for Houses” are very common and easy to find hung, nailed or pasted on bill boards, telephone poles, barbed wire fences, trees and some other public places. Sometimes, they come in very handy and colourful as flyers in the mail. When read, they present very strong and reassuring promises that are alluring, declaring that investors will purchase the houses of property owners no matter their state or condition for instant cash.

As these invitations compel individuals to engage in a fast sale, it will take a person who is smart to discover the catch beneath because they sound too easy and too good to believe. These ads are targeted at some types of home sellers and not for all. Home sellers often become prey to these companies that pay cash for homes especially when they are in distress or in dire need of money, so they need to sell quickly. These cash paying buyers even go ahead to help home sellers to recognize their predicament as they advertise the category of situations they are searching for.

Companies that pay cash homes are particularly on the lookout for

–              Home owners and sellers who are unable to sell

–              Sellers whose listings have expired or will soon expire

–              People who are currently faced with bankruptcies

–              Probated homes

–              Homes that have gone into foreclosure

–              Homeowners who are relocating to another town or neighbourhood as a result of job transfer or change.

–              Homeowners who are evicting tenants out of their houses

–              Empty homes

–              Abandoned, damaged or trashed homes.

Pros of Selling to a Home Vestor

Nevertheless, it is sometimes advantageous to sell to opportunistic investors as they pay sellers cash, so they (homeowners) do not have to stress themselves as is the case with the buyer mortgage contingency, purchasing and performing repairs. So because that are not waiting for any financing approvals, appraisals, inspections and the rest, they tend to close fast while they normally pay most or all costs of closing.

Fast-cash buyers do not charge fees from home owners since they usually process the sales by themselves (in-house) instead of involving a third party or hiring an outside service. They sometimes skip title insurance or pay their own little policies.

Cons of Selling to a Home Vestor

Yet still, there are some fast-cash companies that may still demand for an application and other kinds of upfront payments which are contrary to what they profess. Coming to look at it critically, it is a way of scamming unsuspecting homeowners. It is a common custom with any legit real estate business to take its cuts at the end of the transaction.

Fast-cash buyers generally profess without any hesitation that no real estate commissions will be charged from home sellers while they take great delight in telling homeowners that real estate agents do not deserve to get rich by milking home sellers off their money. In reality, real estate agents do not actually get rich from a single sale commission; however, these companies take advantage of the seller’s situation to enrich themselves. In most times, sellers tend to get more when a listing agent is involved or hired.

In addition, some of these fast-cash companies can stall home sellers in such a pestering manner until they give up their property out of desperation thereby losing greater percent of its equity. To this end, it is recommended that a proper research should be carried out before contacting them.

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