The Incongruity Police Are Viewing

The dictionary defines congruity as meaning: contract, stability, or fitness.That definition may also be employed to specify the best firm, one where all of portions of the business are accountable for harmony, or fitnesscenter. In this perfect industry, all facets of the firm meet together. Every element (department / role / activity / etc.. ) ought to complement the other, and together all of them perform to construct the full total. This means marketing makes the promises, manufacturing / satisfaction keeps those promises, and the government oversees all of it. As an example, if the marketing department was designing a pro motion, all of components – that the message, the paper, logo, the typeface, the look, feel, and texture – should be congruent to maximize the efficacy of the message. To illustrate my purpose, one could choose distinctive fonts to market a pirate vs a mortuary.

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