5 Online And Offline Tools You Can Add To Better Your Life

5 Online And Offline Tools You Can Add To Better Your Life

When you want to streamline your workflow, or studying, or whatever it is that you need to do to be better, you’ll need all the tools you can get in order to help you realize it. In this time of Internet connectivity, we have access to some of the best online tools right at our fingertips. But there are still offline tools, hardware, as well as things, that we need to supplement these tools.

In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best online and offline tools you can add to your stash, bookmark folders, and everything else in between to better your life. These tools will hopefully make your workflow smoother, your studying much productive, and your tasks more streamlined. Here are the tools to check out:

Pdf Editor And Converter

Trust us when we say that an online PDF editor and converter that will help you with little PDF edits like merging PDF, adding pages and text to it, as well as converting Excel to PDF online, is a godsend. This doesn’t just apply to workers and employees, but to students as well. Going online with this kind of tool will save you time as well as money, not to mention the physical storage it takes for separate, third-party software.

There are lots of options you can check out for an online PDF editor and converter to bookmark. PDFBear, for one, is a cut above the rest of its contemporaries. It offers the best in class in terms of editing and conversions. The optical character recognition is another edge it has over its peers. Although, other excellent options exist as well. A quick Google search will yield thousands of results!

Social Media Blocker

This is the era of social media. Social media has such power over how we think, how we do, how we perceive ourselves that it’s entirely an entity of its own. Although social media has launched several success stories, there’s also a side of it that’s entirely unappetizing. The business model that most social media sites and apps use is detrimental to focus and concentration.

The infinite scrolling on timelines is designed to be addictive, and thus, it takes a precious chunk of your time. Not to worry though because there are online and offline social media blocker tools to help you with this dilemma. Once you installed the tool, all you have to do is set what social media sites you want to block for how long, and decide when you can access them.

Gmail offline

Email is one of the foundations of online work. Emails may not be as important for younger people than those who work, but these are the beginning of things for most workers around the world. This is where you communicate, send files, and formally ask for things in the workplace. And Gmail is the email server of choice for many.

But did you know that Gmail has an offline version? Well, not officially that is. If you’re a Chrome user, there’s this nifty tool you can add as an extension that lets you read and respond to emails without Internet connectivity. This is very helpful for those who travel a lot for work, where you need to be on top of your emails all the time, with or without a signal.

A trusty Pen

Bringing a pen with you always will save you a lot of trouble. That’s a fact. Having a pen in your person all day, every day will save you a lot of hassle, and if you’re one of those people that needs to sign a lot of papers, all the more so. The best pen you can have is the one in your possession but if we are to recommend one, get those cheap ballpoint pens in hordes to maximize savings.


Technically not an online tool, and not necessarily an offline one either, but having the wisdom to have downtime every day is not only wise, but it will also be great for your health after. Afford yourself the time to meditate, focus on yourself, and do what you want to do. This will revitalize your soul, relax your brain, and recalibrate your senses.


There you go. These tools are just starter packs for your journey to a better you. So bookmark the online tools mentioned here and acquire the offline ones! Trust us, you’ll be a better person in no time, and with less effort! Stay on top of your game and always move forward!