Ways Of Checking If An Email Is Valid

Spammers have honed their craft to the point that it’s necessary to understand how to verify the validity of an email in order to tell real emails from scams. In this post, we’ll show you how to verify an email’s authenticity using five distinct ways, and most of them are so simple that anybody can follow them.

How to Verify the Validity of an Email Address


Every week, you’re likely to be bombarded with hundreds of unwanted emails, many of which are spam. It would be impossible to manually verify the authenticity of every single email you get, which is why you should always start by utilizing an email checker to turn all of your emails into easy-to-review bunches that you can manage just as simply as if you were handling a single email.


A Clean email list may be used with all major email services, namely Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Yandex, Fastmail, AOL, and others, much like the five approaches we discuss in detail below on how to verify whether an email is real.

You May Do This in one of Two Ways:


Sending an email to an email address is one of the most obvious ways to see whether it’s working. Compose a sentence or two like this:


“Hi, I’m just checking to see whether this email address is working properly. Please let me know if you’re reading this email.


In the event that you send an email like this to a bogus email address, you’ll get a notification from your email provider like this:


Address not found: Because the recipient’s email address could not be located, your message was not sent.




Message not delivered: Someone@somewhere.com did not get your email because of an error in the delivery.

Method 2: Recovering a Lost Password


Were you ever given an error message while trying to retrieve an email address that was more than a decade old? A simple email address checking technique is used by all three of the main email providers—Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft—to inform customers who have forgotten their passwords that they are also unable to recall their email address properly.


If you ever get an email from the @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, or @outlook.com domain, you may use this address checker to verify the sender’s identity. You may verify your email address by going to the same recovery page and entering your email address.

Perform an IP Address Lookup 


There’s no need to be concerned: IP address search is a simple and straightforward process. Searching for the geographic location of an IP address is the goal of this process. The IP address of the server from which an email was sent is included in every message you receive. Most of the time, this IP address is obscured, but if you want to check where the communication originated, you can find it under the “received from” heading.


Simply copy the IP address and put it into an IP address lookup tool, such as the one offered by What Is My IP Address. The ISP and company associated with the IP address, as well as its location, will become apparent after a brief period of time. You should be suspicious of an IP address that seems to be from a nation you wouldn’t anticipate.

Check Your Email (Email Validation Services)


You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that there are various email checkers or email verifiers that can be used to validate email addresses with only a few mouse clicks. Although many free email checks restrict the number of email addresses they can verify each month, there are so many to choose from that you won’t ever have to pay a large amount of money merely to utilize a legitimate email checker to check email validity online.

Use Google to Look Up the Address.


A legitimate email address may be determined using this method, but it won’t inform you if it’s a phony email address. Most individuals these days have their own websites, and others participate in social media, so this strategy works well. Crawling the internet on a daily basis is standard practice for major search engines like Google and Bing. Using a single search engine query, most email addresses that belong to actual persons can be located; however, bogus email addresses can’t work due to this fact.


While it’s understandable that many individuals would want to keep their email addresses secret, the previous four methods of verifying if an email is authentic might still be useful in these situations.



By combining clean email with a legitimate email checker and other methods of determining if an email is real that we’ve discussed in this article, you can keep your inbox clean and ensure that you never get confused by a bogus email message.