What Are Toll-Free Numbers and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

While numerous strategies go into building a brand for your business and network marketing, owning a toll-free number is a strategy that many marketers seem to ignore. The truth is that a toll-free number in North America will create a sense of trustworthiness for your business. Moreover, not every company can use an 1800 number.

Toll-Free Number: What Is It?

Just as the name suggests, this is a kind of number that is toll-free for any caller. With this sort of number, all the calls received are billed, but for anyone making the call, it is entirely free. In previous years, there were requirements for making these calls, where a receiver was supposed to cater for that call’s bill. In this case, anyone who wanted to call had to do it via a telephone operator. Since government offices and large businesses would receive numerous collected calls, there was a lot of work to be done by the telephone operators.

After many years of experimenting and lots of trials, free call services/ toll-free services finally became a reality.

Does Your Business Require Toll-Free Solutions?

Regardless of your company’s size, a toll-free number is apparently an excellent asset for you. There are numerous benefits of owning a toll-free number in North America. Besides helping your business build its brand, these 1800 numbers also help boost your sales and increase the Return on Investment. If you are still not convinced about the benefits of having a toll-free number, here are some more benefits that will change your mind.

Aids In Improving Customer Satisfaction

As long as all your business information is accessible on the internet, a toll-free number will go a long way in improving customer service and satisfaction, by the simple act of ensuring that you’re available to pick the calls. After all, nothing could be more frustrating to a customer than searching for a business without any contact details. This could turn them away to a rival brand. Owning a toll-free number in North America means that it will be easy for potential customers to get in touch with you and have all their queries answered. When you give your clients the option to make toll free calls, they are at liberty to call you at any time; and the easier they can reach your company, the higher the chances your business will retain them.

Easy Numbers

Another benefit of using a toll-free service is that you’ll get a number which is easier to remember. For instance, if you have an 1800 number, many people will most probably remember it, and this will, in turn, help your business generate more leads and consequently more sales.


The toll-free service providers available in North America don’t target large corporations alone. Bill-free numbers will help virtually every company in improving their marketing strategies, despite the size. In fact, a toll-free number can significantly benefit businesses that are just young and trying to get their feet on the market. With a toll-free number, the credibility of your business is boosted, and your company’s image is also enhanced. Many people often associate the 1800 numbers with a high level of authenticity.


Are you relocating your business? With a toll-free number, you will not have much to worry about. Toll-free service providers ensure that anyone can reach you on your number irrespective of your location. Alternatively, you could work a plan with the service provider so that all calls are re-routed to your current location. Once you buy a toll-free number, you fully own it so even when you change providers; you will continue using the number.

As A Marketing Tool

We’ve already discussed how toll-free numbers can benefit a business but are you aware that toll-free numbers could be an excellent marketing tool? Toll-free numbers can easily be used for purposes of tracking insights. Besides the option to create extensions that can help you trace different campaigns, toll-free numbers will also provide you with real-time data that you can use for purposes of report generation.

Selecting the Right Toll-Free Number Provider

Now that you are conversant with the benefits of using a toll-free number, you need to ensure that your provider of choice will offer the right services and most importantly, be reliable. When you need to incorporate a toll-free number as part of your marketing strategy and are looking for a provider, here are some tips that will come in handy.

Assess the Service

One question you need to ask yourself is; how much time will I be spending on the service calls? Before selecting your provider of choice, you will need to evaluate the number of minutes you will need and have an estimate of the calls you might receive in a month. Some providers provide the option to block incoming minutes, so you must have an idea of the kind of service you need.

The Numbers Available

While 1800 numbers will obviously create a professional image for your business, you must find the ideal number. When performing your search, be sure to look for a provider with a good selection of numbers from which you can choose. A number that is easy to remember will create a better impression and even drive more sales.

Extra Feature Requirements

Toll-free numbers could also come with an array of extra features. For instance, most providers provide an auto-receptionist feature which always gives a professional greeting to callers before connecting them to the right extension. This is a feature that eliminates the need to go through a telephone operator or receptionist, thus saving workforce and time. You could also choose a PBX phone system since they allow you to have different extensions and reroute calls to various departments of your business. So, take time to evaluate the services and features you require and then go to providers offering them.

Comparison is a Good Idea

An essential step in selecting a toll-free service provider is comparing. No matter how many providers you shortlist, you must compare what they have with other providers in the market. Compare aspects such as the monthly fees, features, types of numbers, customer support services and packages before settling on the ideal provider.

Always Look for Reviews and Referrals

The best way to understand how a toll-free service provider works is through reading reviews by previous and present customers. Just go online and look for customer reviews, see what others are saying about a provider and compare with other providers.

Any business, whether large or small, requires toll-free numbers to provide its customers with the privilege of contacting them at no cost. A toll-free number makes your business to be classified as a national enterprise, which gives you an added advantage over your competition.