The EWheels EW-M50 – A Review

The EWheels EW-M50 – A Review

The E-Wheels EW-M50 mobility scooter is one of the latest releases from E-Wheels and is sure to make an impact in the light travel mobility scooter market.

You will notice that the EW-M50 electric touring scooter seems more powerful than the competition. Did you know, for example, that the driving distance is 15 kilometers? Most scooters need a battery upgrade to reach these numbers!

With the EW-M50, you can enjoy seeing in the dark with the front light included in this electric mobility scooter. For those who have problems with coordination or strength, the ability to control the tiller with only one hand will be pleasing. For a look at heavy duty mobility scooters go to Everlasting Mobility.

Comfort is also important; thus, the armrests are adjustable. Carrying important things is easy thanks to the attached basket. Keep in mind that most manufacturers will charge you a fee to add a basket to your mobility scooter, but this is not the case with E-Wheels.

Another feature that makes the EW-M50 electric scooter unique is the puncture-free tires that also prevent tipping over. This increases stability and it is also important to note that the tires are also flat free.

The top speed on this unit 4.25 mph. The load capacity is 300 pounds, which is fair for a mobility scooter. There aren’t many scooters that can exceed the 300-pound weight limit because the engine and parts are made so light. ​If you live in a part of the country with lots of mountains, hills, or slopes, you’ll be happy that this travel scooter has a 6-degree incline.

That’s above average for a mobility scooter. This makes the EW-M50 a fantastic choice if you regularly travel to the mountains and need a scooter with more incline than most competitors offer. When it comes time to charge your EW-M50 electric scooter, you have access to choose between two different charging parts.

The standard use cases of the EW-M50 are very similar to other common mobility scooters. Keep in mind that it will break into several pieces for mobility scooters. The heaviest piece weighs 35 pounds on the EW-M50. Since it is broken into several pieces, it makes it easy to fit in the trunk of a car, truck bed, or van.

Most people like to use this type of mobility scooter in local shopping malls, grocery stores, in their homes and even in parks. Thanks to the high standard range, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

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