The Best Corporate Gifting Ideas That Will Make You A Hero

The Best Corporate Gifting Ideas That Will Make You A Hero

This year your company is showing the best numbers in the financial statements and promising more! Thanks to your team of go-getters. But, the secret lies in you – their leaders, they look up to you. So why not surprise them one of these coming days, be it at an office celebration, among other events. It can be challenging to find the perfect gift to surprise your colleagues with so many gifting items. If your company has offices in Kolkata, it is wise to search for corporate gifting companies in Kolkata. You can also get inspiration on the most recent trends from social media platforms so that you save up a considerable amount of time from going from pillar to post. Continuing on that note, in this post, we share the best corporate gifting ideas that will make you a hero.

Corporate Gift Hampers

We are accustomed to celebrating national and international events and holidays with our family. What about the family (colleagues) we all spend a lot of time with at work? Though it’s the only opportunity to see our loved ones we have seen in a while. You can surprise your colleagues with corporate gift hampers they will enjoy together with their family and friends. Some of the best gifts hamper ideas include: Coffee hamper, personalised chocolate and dry fruit hamper, mug, coaster, snicker chocolates, Skittles, plants, and personalised diaries. It is also wise to check for products that suit the season, like coffee for winter.

Gods Deities

We have various religious occasions to celebrate our deities, such as Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha, and Durga. Though you may not be with your employees on the day to celebrate, you can always wish them the best of luck and prosperity by surprising them with the God deities.

Personalised Corporate Gifts

While there may be no ways to go around some of the most common gifting ideas, you can make an impression on your colleagues when you present personalised gifts. You can pick a regular mug, key chains, diaries, t-shirts, water bottles, wallet, or even chocolates and have them personalised with a name, picture, and message. So, if you are planning to reward outstanding employees, you can surprise them with personalised gifts.

Plant Gifts

Plants are an essential part of our lives. They provide us with oxygen, food and filter the air from toxins, among a plethora of other benefits. If you are looking for the best plant that will make an impression on everyone in your team, why not turn to plants. You can gift them indoor plants like Lucky Bamboo, Jade, Bonsai, Money plant, and Peace Lily in personalised pots. You can also surprise them with various outdoor plants, succulents, medicinal, and terrarium plants, among others, from seeds to nurseries.

Dry Fruits

Dried fruits are fruits that have water drained through a natural drying process or using specialised dehydrators. Dry fruits are one of the healthiest snacks anyone can have in their home to chew with eliminated risk of rotting compared to fresh fruits. You can surprise your employees with a hamper full of assorted dry fruits. Some of the best dry fruits include – cashew nuts, apricots, almonds, walnuts, and raisins.

Gift Voucher

It is a challenge to find the best gifts that will resonate with your team depending on their number and locations from which they are working. Other than buying gifts, only a few members would appreciate will be a big flop. You can surprise them with gift cards so that they each can purchase whatever they want with the same amount.

Leather Bags

Leather is the best material with a stylish and fashionable class, and it will give your clients and customers a hint on your great taste in fabric. So, why not equip your team of go-getters with stylish leather bags/purses and wallets, among others.

The aforementioned corporate gifting ideas will help you find the perfect items that will make lasting impressions on your employees. Search online for leading gifting companies that provide delivery where your offices are located, with easy personalisations and an easy way to order online. Do not repeat gifting your employees with the same type of gifts on every occasion. Use social media platforms as well as check online gift stores for the latest corporate gifting trends.