The 6 Rules To Follow For The Success Of Your New Business Venture

The 6 Rules To Follow For The Success Of Your New Business Venture

If you are among the brave hearts venturing into the world of business after being employed for so long, you may find a lot of situations involving this change quite a blow to your courage.

Here’s the thing to remember though — you already have something to help you thrive in the new path you’re on, which is courage, and nobody really expects you to know everything right away.

This is why there are a growing number of services aiming to support people like you. Startup business solutions can help you with everything from procuring licenses to registering your business, providing you with a great place to call your headquarters, accounting services, and so much more.

Apart from those, there are standard rules to follow that can help you secure good chances at success with your pursuit. They work time and time again in ensuring new business operations fly. Here are those rules:

1. Get all the legalities right

This is an absolute must. If you wish to avoid the hassle of potential problems with regulatory authorities, make sure that you follow the legal procedures for business setups and complete all the specified requirements. This step is often the most frustrating for startups because of the long list of things to do just for this single step.

Thankfully, business setup solutions have popped up to help organize and expedite the process.

2. Keep an eye on your competition

This is one of the proven effective strategies for making sure that your business stands out even if it has similar offerings and services to other enterprises.

By constantly benchmarking your competition, you canfind areas of your operations where you can be better. Likewise, this will give your business the opportunity to fill a void and become the first-ever provider for something in your specific industry.

Conducting a proper business analysis will help you plan things in advance and you can take one step at a time. If you are
someone who wants to learn business analysis, you can take up an online business analyst certification course and become a business analyst yourself.

3. Choose a strategic location for your operations

A strategic location is not always an urban area that attracts a lot of potential customers or clients. Rather, it is a place where your business can thrive easily and where it is most relevant. Therefore, conduct thorough market research to determine where your business will be most useful.

A perfect example of this is how new logistics companies are teaming up with convenience stores in areas where there is a big population of elderly folks. They succeed because they have studied the important market sector, which is the elderly who need them for everything from picking up and delivering mail to buying daily essentials.

4. Market or promote your business consistently

According to seasoned entrepreneurs, you must never “not market” your business. When the economy is down, promote your business. When your operations are doing great, continue to market your business.

You secure the full benefits of marketing by being consistent with it. People do not remember a business that is scarcely promoted. You need to promote frequently to leave a long-lasting impression. If you are worried about the cost, especially for ads, top advertising firms advise opting for smaller ones than a big ad, and do use social media to your advantage.

5. Remember that profit should be secondary to quality

This rule is a key to ensuring longevity for a new business. Never ever deliver substandard products and services just to control the costs of your operations because customers can see right through this.

It never hurts a business to go through great lengths to deliver superior quality “everything” even to the point of “personal” inconvenience.

A strong positive experience for the customer is always a worthy investment, say business specialists. Even if people do not buy on their first visit, a good memory of the business will likely encourage them to come back in the future to buy and even recommend you to the people they know.

6. Take into account your customers’ perspectives and sentiments

This will help your business cater to your customers in the most effective manner because it will enlighten you about the different ways that you can further improve.

Therefore, even during brief exchanges, do your best toget a grasp of what your customers need and/or want. This will allow you to provide the most suitable services and guarantee their complete joy and satisfaction. From their satisfaction, you can look forward to repeat engagements with them and their loyalty to your brand.

Proceed with confidence

Following these rules is a major factor in the success of startups. They are all about cultivating good and smart practices that have been proven to eliminate risks and other complications in running a business and providing services. Abiding by these ascertains that you are not just a new business that is poised for big profits but also a true solution for your customers.


Raj Herry is the Founder and Chairman of Flying Colour Business Setup Services. His extensive experience comes from more than 15 years in the field of company incorporation for Dubai Mainland, all Free Zones across the UAE and offshore companies worldwide. He also owns several business centres offering furnished and ready-to-move offices in Dubai.