Online Tools For Smarter Seo

Online Tools For Smarter Seo

Search engine experts, and creators of the innovative TAGFEE tool, Seattle-based MOZ points out that the popularity of internet search is currently experiencing a 20 percent growth per year. Search is becoming increasingly important to web-based businesses and those businesses which are looking to increase their bottom lines from income derived from web originating customer traffic.

The highest percentage of business web traffic is relegated to those few companies which occupy the first few rankings returned in search engine listings. In other words, where a business’ website is ranked in the search results returned to online users is very, very important to the success of that company’s online business strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), includes techniques, knowledge and expertise, third party back linking relationships and Analytics and SEO management tools to administer the SEO parameters as well as monitor a given SEO campaign’s performance, by reviewing metrics related to its criteria and make projections based upon user defined scenarios.

Online search engines use a variety of mathematical algorithms which take into consideration website keywords, a website’s popularity and other factors related to how the website is promoted by other websites to make decisions about how the set of search results containing web pages is ordered (ranked) to a search engine user.

SEO is part science but primarily the art of the unique refinements of a business, specific to that company’s web-based business model. Having the right set of tools to assist with search engine optimization is both crucial to an SEO campaign’s success and required during the initial planning stages of preparing an SEO launch strategy.

There are several tools which stand out from the rest for their usefulness earning them well deserved respect among leading SEO experts.

Google Analytics

Top ranked in a blog post, Google Analytics provides an encyclopedic amount of necessary SEO information in a single application: the amount of traffic your website receives, at what times and the traffic’s origins. Google Analytics also provides demographic and trend data.

Google Search Console

Many leading SEO Companies points out the simple fact that the algorithms which search engines use seem to change almost daily. Global Webmaster, also known as Google Search Console, allows businesses to keep on top of their website’s ranking by allowing companies not only the ability to monitor and maintain their websites, but also to review how Google currently ranks their company’s website in their search results.

Rank Tracker

Developed by Moz, the Rank Tracker tool collects the search engine rankings for both web pages and selected keywords. It allows them to be stored for later comparison. The Moz Pro subscription supports an SEO logistics tracking option which allows performance monitoring of selected rankings over time to assist with keeping track of an SEO campaign’s success.