Interested in Online Casino Games? Here are 5 Signs That a Site is Legitimate

Interested in Online Casino Games? Here are 5 Signs That a Site is Legitimate

Are you looking for some way to play casino games without going out? Are you tired of driving just a few miles to the nearest casino? If you are, ladies and gentlemen, we have good news for you. Enter online casinos.

Online casinos are convenient and preferable if you want to play casino games without going out. All you have to do is a good internet connection, a computer or a smartphone, and a little bit of money for your capital, and you’re set. However, there are hundreds of online casinos on the internet.

Worst of all, some are online casinos running scams to rob people of their money. They may be a minority, but they exist, so complacency is a huge no-no. That said, how would you know if an online casino is legit? Here are some telltale signs that you should look for.

Certification and Licensing

Certificates and licenses are what casinos need to be able to operate their business in any state, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar casino or an online one. That said, for us players, we have to look for licenses and certifications before they register in an online casino. But how exactly do we do that?

Most online casinos have a dedicated page that shows their licenses and certificates. Usually, it’s in the form of a hyperlink that can lead you to a page. Some online casinos also put links below the front page, where many people can see and check them out.

On the other hand, if an online casino doesn’t show anything regarding their certificates and licenses, something fishy is afoot.

Reasonable Registration Process

Most online casinos boast about how fast it is to register as a player on their sites. Most of the time, it consists of two steps. The first is to input your relevant information, and the second is depositing. Usually, you can do all of these steps in a matter of minutes and immediately play their games.

Note that this process is highly encrypted, meaning no other party can see the information you’ve given on the site except for the casino itself. If you have a hint that this process is not secure, then that should be seen as a huge flag.

Usually, you can say that it’s not secure when you have to repeat the whole process, it takes time to load the pages, etc.

Fair Gaming Practices

It’s a given that when you play in a casino, you won’t win all the time, even if you know how to play online blackjack and have mastered different strategies already. The same goes for online casinos.

To ensure that a casino’s games are fair and square, they get the help of a random number generator or (RNG). This is to ensure that the numbers are highly randomized.

On the other hand, malicious online casinos don’t use RNGs. Instead, they heavily rig the games in their favor to win money unfairly. That said, an online casino needs to be audited by the government since this is the government’s way of checking if the games an online casino runs are fair and square. Once an online casino is audited, it will give a license to operate, which you can see, as mentioned before.

Plethora of Withdrawal Methods

Online casinos partner with several withdrawal methods, like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. These companies are some of the most common withdrawal methods people use, which is also a sign that an online casino is legit. How so? You see, big companies like PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa only work with a business that has a good reputation.

If they are seen to be partnered with a malicious business, their reputation would be ruined, losing a lot of business in the process. That said, if you see these withdrawal methods in an online casino, you can rest assured that they’re legit.


And lastly, if you want to know if an online casino is legit, it is through reading their reviews. Usually, you can see these reviews on third-party sites that let people give their feedback about an online casino. Of course, if most of the reviews are good, there’s a good chance that online casinos are legit.

On the other hand, if the reviews online are mostly bad, then it should be taken as a red flag. Take note, however, that some of these reviews are biased. It’s common for one or two people to badmouth an online casino because they lost a lot of money.

Final Words

There are hundreds of online casinos on the internet. However, there’s always a tendency that some of these online casinos are not legit, which means they are running a scam to cheat people. Luckily, they are the minority, but that doesn’t mean you can be complacent about checking your preferred online casino. Better be safe than sorry.