The Incongruity Police Are Watching

The dictionary defines congruity as significance: agreement, stability, or fitness.That definition can also be employed to define the ideal firm, one where all of parts of the firm are accountable for stability, or physical fitness center. In that best firm, all facets of this business meet with each other. Every aspect (section / role / activity / etc.. ) really should complement one other, and with each other all of them work to construct the sum total. That means promotion creates the promises, creation / satisfaction keeps the claims, and also the administration oversees everything. As an example, if the advertising department has been designing a pro motion, all of things – the material, the newspaper, brand, the typeface, the look, texture , and texture – should be congruent to maximize the potency of the message. To exemplify my point, an individual could choose unique fonts to market a pirate compared to a mortuary.

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