The Incongruity Police Are Viewing

The dictionary defines congruity as significance: agreement, harmony, or fitness.That definition can likewise be used to define the ideal firm, just one where all of regions of the business are in agreement, stability, or physical fitness . For the reason that best business, all issues with the firm meet together. Just about every part (section / function / task / etc.. ) must match one other, and jointly all of them perform to build the sum total. This means marketing creates the guarantees, and generation / satisfaction keeps those guarantees, and the government manages everything. As an example, in the event the marketing section has been designing a pro motion, all of things – that the message, the paper, brand, the typeface, the appearance, feeltexture – ought to be siphoned to maximize the efficacy of the message. To exemplify my point, one would choose different fonts to publicize a pirate as opposed to a mortuary.

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