The Incongruity Police Are Seeing

The dictionary defines congruity as significance: contract, harmony, or fitness.That definition may also be used to specify the perfect business, one where all of portions of the firm come accountable for harmony, or fitnesscenter. In this perfect firm, all issues with this firm meet with each other. Each portion (section / role / activity / etc.. ) should complement the other, and together all of them do the job to construct the sum total. That means promotion creates the guarantees, and manufacturing / satisfaction keeps those guarantees, and the government manages it all. By way of example, if the marketing department was developing a promotion, all elements – the message, the newspaper, brand, the typeface, the appearance, feel, and texture – should be congruent to make the most of the potency of the message. To illustrate my point, an individual could choose unique fonts to publicize a circus compared to a mortuary.

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