How to Study Biology to Get a A-Plus?

How to Study Biology to Get a A-Plus?

Biology is not a subject which can be completed at the last few moments of examination preparation. It has a little touch of Chemistry and Mathematics, mixed with its own principles which makes it a bit complicated.

Biology is all around you. Every plant in this planet earth has similar processes in its leaves, and every human being has the same organ system made up of millions of cells.

Biology is the most important subject for the medical aspirants. The CBSE class 12 Biology syllabus is quite vast. So, it becomes difficult for the students to complete the entire syllabus on time and get some time for practice and revision. This can be accomplished only if they plan their studies in a systematic way.

Below are given some examination preparation tips for CBSE Class 12 Biology paper to get an A-plus.

  • Get acquainted with the biology examination pattern- First, students should know the blueprint of the CBSE Class 12 Biology paper. The pattern is released by the board every year to help the students get familiar with the pattern and prepare accordingly. Knowing the pattern also helps to save some important time in the examination.
  • Complete the basics and stick to the syllabus- The questions that are asked have choices but most of the time the choice-based questions are from the same unit. So, students need to study the entire syllabus thoroughly and be confident to handle any question in the examination. The questions are asked from the syllabus, so it is vital that the students complete the entire syllabus thoroughly.
  • Be thorough with the diagrams and important terminologies- Biology is such a subject which has both theories and concepts as well. So, the students should be well-versed with important terminologies. Apart from the terms and their definitions, there are many diagram-related questions in the biology paper. Flashcards are very useful in remembering and revising important definitions and diagrams before the examination. Also, students need to practice the diagrams several times so that they can draw the diagrams with ease in the examination.
  • Solve previous papers and sample papers- Students must solve previous years’ question papers and CBSE Class 12 Biology sample papers to understand the pattern of the questions. Solving several questions will give them confidence to handle any type of question in the examination. Students will also be able to complete the paper within the time limit. Practicing the question papers will also help students to analyze their preparation level. They come to know their strengths and weaknesses. Thereby, working on them will improve their performance in the examination.
  • Revise properly, especially the important topics- The last few days before the examination should be completely devoted on revision. Revising constantly helps in retaining the important points and one can effortlessly remember the topics during the examination. So, keep revising the chapters and diagrams regularly. Also, you should concentrate more on the important topics which hold more weightage.
  • Study actively, not passively- Reading alone won’t help in getting good grades in biology. The brain has two types of memory- short-term and long-term. In order to store information in your long-term memory, you need to use the information actively.

You can practice what you learn in different ways like:

-Do the activities in laboratory: Doing hands-on laboratory experiments helps to understand the concepts taught in class more well.

-Draw processes and structures while you are learning something and label everything. Then try to explain the concepts to yourself as you go along.

Apart from these preparation tips, there are some effective examination strategies which should be followed for the last-minute preparation for class 12 biology examination.

-Answer Presentation Strategies

  • Students should write neatly and draw the diagrams using a sharp pencil.
  • Students should take the help of a ruler to label the diagram and it is recommended to label the diagrams on the right side of the paper.
  • Students should underline important keywords and phrases in the answer.
  • Always start new sections from a new page.
  • Also, draw diagrams even it is not stated in the question (especially for 3-, 4- and 5- marks questions).
  • Students should go through the Solution PDF which is released by CBSE for previous year biology papers so that they can understand the answer writing skills and stepwise marks allocation method.
  • Also, try to maintain the questions’ order.

-Time Management Strategies

  • First, students should finish section A in 25 minutes as the questions are very short answer type.
  • Then finish Section B within 40 minutes as 7 questions are included.
  • There are 12 questions in Section C which should be finished within 1 hour.
  • Section D contains long answers and so students should not take more than 45 minutes to finish this section.
  • The last 10 to 15 minutes should be kept for revision and check all the questions are properly attempted.

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