How To Make Your Home Fireproof

You never know when a house fire might break out: a cooking incident gone wrong, a forgotten lit candle or cigarette, faulty electrical wiring… Accidents happen and sadly they can also be deadly and with devastating consequences.

Keep your loved ones safe by making sure your house is fireproof following these steps:                          

Fire extinguishers

Installing fire extinguishers is your first line of defense against fires. They come in different sizes and are generally easy to use. Fast and efficient, they can quickly extinguish a small fire.  It is also essential that you teach all teenagers and adults living in your home how to use it as you may not necessarily be there when a fire starts. Double check your fire extinguisher’s expiry date as they need to be refilled every year or so.

Smoke Alarms

In some cases, you may not know that a fire is starting around your house until it’s too late. It is recommended they are installed in every bedroom as well as in various areas around the house. They have to be tested every month and replaced every ten years. Visit Crossfire Alarms to order and install your smoke alarms.

Check your electrical wiring

With almost every appliance around the house requiring electricity these days, you may sometimes overload your circuit without realizing it. This increases the risks of electrical short circuits which are also a cause of home fires. If your home is old, wiring may be damaged or worn. In case of concerns about the electrical hazards due to your wiring, get a professional electrician to perform a check-up.

Be careful with fire hazards

The largest percentage of home fires is due to cooking accidents. Setup a heat alarm in your kitchen and avoid unattended cooking. Chimneys and furnaces can also be a fire hazard if not properly maintained. Avoid placing flammable items too close to them and for additional safety, have a fire extinguisher installed nearby.

Plan an escape route

If your smoke alarm sounds and you feel that the fire is uncontrollable, follow the escape plan decided on with your family immediately. Escape plans should be thought of and discussed in advance. Consider having at least an alternative path in case the main one is blocked. You will sometimes have less than two minutes before fire completely spreads, so take that into consideration when planning your escape route. Don’t forget about children, people with mobility problems and pets who will need your help and assistance while escaping.