How Can You Maintain Your Carpet

Vacuuming once a week is good enough even if you have hardwood floor or tiles, but is entirely different for houses with carpets and rugs. Maintaining your rug or carpets require you to input a lot of effort than vacuuming weekly as the dirt hides deep inside the fibers of your carpet.

As the time passes, this dirt gets deeper and deeper, and with pressure and moisture, it settles down and becomes nearly impossible to get rid of it with just a brush or a vacuum cleaner.

In addition, there are various other factors that come into play when it is about the life of your carpet like pets, kids, food, regular parties, etc., could cause mold to occur and its location as well. Subsequently, maintaining your carpet is extremely vital, and below are some of the aspects on it.


  • As the carpets are fed dirt, dust and moisture they can immediately become a breeding ground for mold and fungus. Mold and fungus can lead to respiratory issues and even skin allergies. If things get worse, it could to infections. All this can be avoided by opting for great quality carpets and regular cleaning.
  • If you happen to find the mold forming around, then you need to treat it immediately. Chemicals like chlorine dioxide or anything related would not only going to kill the mold but also will prevent regrowth.
  • The golden rule here is that if anything spills on the carpet, you should spot and clean it immediately. Catch the spill when it is fresh, as this way you will be able to remove the stain. Do not rub the spot, as this is going to spread the spill to a greater area.
  • Pets can turn out to be the biggest enemies of your carpet. You perhaps would think that you have cleaned the carpet and all of a sudden you notice that your pet has urinated on it and you have to clean it again. You may not be able notice the odor immediately, specially during winters as the air is dry, which causes the salts to crystallize and reduces the odor, but when there is too much of moisture in the air during humid or summers, the salts are absorbed and lead to a stronger odor. This is where the professional carpet cleaning services come in handy.

However, the prime aspect to consider here is that you opt for the best quality carpets, and you can get the ones from Carpet Toronto as per your needs and requirements.