How Can Standing Desks Improve Productivity In Classrooms?

How Can Standing Desks Improve Productivity In Classrooms?

Yes, you read it right. Standing in classrooms can actually increase productivity. Standing desks are now being widely used in offices for its various physical and mental health benefits. Offices using standing desks have reported an increase in productivity. Libraries have also started using standing desks. So why not use it in classrooms too?

Why Do You Need Standing Desks In Classrooms?

Did you know that students just sit for 50 to 70 per cent of their day? Most children spend all their day sitting in a classroom. It is not good for their physical and mental well being. Sitting for too long increases your risk of obesity, weight gain, heart diseases, severe depression, severe anxiety and more. The answer to all the above-listed problems is simple – a standing desk.

What Is A Standing Desk?

The name itself says everything about a standing desk. You can write, read, draw, paint, work or do just about anything you would do on a normal desk. The advantage is that you can do all of this while standing. Sit and stand desks allows you to alter between sitting and standing throughout the day. Standing desks comes with features like height adjustable standing desks.

Benefits Of A Standing Desk In A Classroom

Standing desks improves mood, enhances energy, helps you focus and increase your productivity. They also help relieve the stress of everyday life. Did you know that simply standing after a meal instead of sitting can burn additional 170 calories? These desks help student study while simultaneously exercising.

1. Energized Throughout The Day

The limited movement due to classes can lead to sedentary lifestyles. Encouraging kids to stand for a while helps break these sedentary habits. It is very helpful for students in the long run. Standing improves your blood circulation. This means the brain is pumped with more fresh blood and oxygen. Thus, standing desks will keep the students more energized throughout the day.

2. Enhances Cognitive Skills

Teachers who use standing desks have reported that their students are more productive. They have also said that students are less fidgety and disruptive. Standing desks helps students focus on the class because standing allows you to easily fidget and stretch. Studies have proven that standing desks enhance cognitive skills, memory and focus. Movement can also enhance moods and reduce stress and anxiety. Standing is also effective because it reduces the risk of obesity in young children.

3. Positive Influence On Mental Health

Science links sitting for too long with increased risk of severe depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Most schools have reduced gym and recess times. Schools should also consider the physical and mental health of the students and not just test scores. Simply introducing standing desks can have a huge positive influence on the mind and body of a student.

How Can Standing Desks Improve Productivity In Classrooms?

4. Improves Test Scores

The great thing about standing desks is that they also help students to improve their test scores. With the increased focus and energy, productivity is sure to increase. Standing desks also relieve students of back pains and neck problems. It also boosts the students’ creativity and increases a student’s engagement in-class activities. Any teacher will tell you how an engagement is a productive classroom.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the countless benefits of a standing desk. It is high time to replace your normal desk with a standing desk and see for yourself. It is not only healthy but also looks really good as a piece of furniture. You can buy the best standing desks at Autonomous. You can buy the standing desk that best suits your needs for affordable prices. What are you waiting for?