Do You Really Want A Management Free For Estate Agents?

A management for free estate agents might seem like a good choice since it is used without annual fees. But before making hasty decisions that lead to investment of a lot of time on your part to enter your current property in the new management, perhaps it is better to evaluate the benefits that such a tool offers compared to professional tools and not free. In fact, the performance of a real estate agency are related to the number of trades executed and not as an annual management costs. Also, if the tool actually helps in client management, real estate and in speeding up Allore trades it might be worth spending a few hundred euro per year.


The management for real estate agencies of  Database Immobiliare Italiano allows you to develop on the Italian real estate market some important concepts that are already deeply rooted in Anglo-Saxon and Nordic markets. Here are some examples:

NETWORK COLLABORATIVE of Professionals. This system creates a COLLABORATIVE NETWORK Professionals putting them in contact with each other when an agency has the item for sale and colleague of the buyer. A real community of professionals who, for the first time exceeds the competition among agents, special regard to the concept of exclusivity of the property / land and fulfills an intelligent Match via proprietary algorithm between ads and research (see more details here vendere casa a Roma). ·         INTEGRATED CHAT. The system not only manages for you, your communications that can take place in real time, but will alert you immediately that your customer is online and is trying to communicate with you (immobiliare Roma). ·

CLASSIFICATION OF PROPERTY THROUGH EKI. What is a EKI? It ‘a Emotional Killer Index, a proprietary screening algorithm, revolutionary for the real estate system present today in Italy, which analyzes the research of our home, not only from the point of view of the intrinsic characteristics, but also, and for the first time , those of the area or district in which the property is located. The EKI add a high perceived value to your property, they are reliable and patented, highlight your property and highlight the positive aspects of the new means of emotional research parameters that assesses for the first time, not only the building itself but pairing it with different types of customers and their lifestyles.