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Organizational Best management styles

Introduction management styles are imperative for a planned life and necessary to run all kinds of Management. Good management is the backbone of successful organizations. Managing life means doing things to achieve life goals and managing an organization means doing things with and through other people to achieve it. Whether management is an art or […]

What Is The Future Of Performance Management?

Successful performance management is key to the long term success of any business. Traditional approaches to performance management included annual planning combined with annual reviews.   It typically involved a performance appraisal with a self-evaluation form followed by the annual review. However the workplace has changed since the advent of this original model.  Employees no longer […]

Actuarial Science Explained And Careers

Actuarial science is the method of using mathematics and statistics to attempt to predict the behaviour of financial industries. This discipline certainly requires a great deal of knowledge and know how that covers a broad field of mathematical practices, and is often considered one of the most difficult practices to specialise in. Actuarial science is […]

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