Carbon-Neutral Electricity In Singapore: What You Need To Know

Carbon-Neutral Electricity In Singapore: What You Need To Know

Carbon emission has been on the rise since the industrial revolution and it is disastrous.

Carbon emissions, among other greenhouse gases, traps heat in the atmosphere and contributes to climate change. Global warming as a side effect of climate change is disastrous in many ways; including the aggressive melting of snow caps , the rise in sea levels, flooding and more intensive torrential rains.

What is the link between me and carbon emission?

As electricity consumers, we actively contribute to carbon emission. Although 95% of Singapore’s electricity is from “cleaner” natural gas, other electricity sourced from using fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide which is part of carbon emission. So, consuming energy through our home appliances (e.g. television, refrigerator), taking public transport and other daily activities contributes to carbon emission and increases your carbon footprint.

Therefore, actively using less water and electricity in your office and at home, using more effective forms of transportation such as walking, carpooling or driving a car which is fuel-efficient is the way to go.

Alternatively, you can go on the other route and buy carbon credits to contribute to this effort.

What are carbon credits (CC)?

Also known as carbon offset, CC are credits used to fund emission reduction project, either by reducing greenhouse gases emission or taking it out from the atmosphere.

Different entities from government bodies to businesses can use it to offset the emission that they are generating.

Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) are issued to projects developed under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Programme. Under this programme, there are many projects that strives towards removing 200,000,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emission. Some of these projects include the improvement of power plants so they can produce cleaner energy, funding energy-efficient buildings, and reforestations. In short, buying CC will contribute to the cost of reducing carbon that is out there. Carbon neutrality is achieved when emissions are fully offset.

What can I do in Singapore?

Whether you are an individual or a business, some electricity retailers in Singapore can help you reduce your carbon footprint – carbon neutral electricity plans! Consumers can purchase  carbon neutral electricity plans from retailers who provide them.

Being an eco-warrior and contributing to a sustainable world is worth the small cost of purchasing carbon credits, this cost included VCU prices, cost of sourcing, registry fees and other administrative costs.

What these retailers in Singapore’s Open Electricity Market – such as ES Power, iSwitch and Geneco – are doing is estimate your carbon emission impact based on your electricity consumption and obtain carbon credits on your behalf. Carbon credits purchased will support forestry and other sustainability projects; this reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that you have emitted. Again, when you offset what you emit, you become carbon neutral.

In a nutshell, carbon neutral electricity gives everyone an opportunity to create a sustainable and low carbon community, and pass on this adapted legacy to our future generations.

There are many avenues for you as a consumer to power the change towards a better environment and future.

A good avenue to power the change towards a better environment is by engaging an environmentally conscious electricity company to provide for your energy needs sustainably.